REST Test Harness


The would be a "Professional Edition" feature (:>) to setup test definitions for your entire REST suite.
  1. The user creates a "test suite", which would store all the URL's that the test will run against the backend.
  2. The interface would help the user see all the possible REST URL's and all the possible query params that are available.
  3. The user could save the values that he'd like to use for all the parameters.
  4. The interface could run all the tests via AJAX, showing all the results as they appear in a grid.
  5. Preconfigured result expectations could be used to added by the user and RED/GREEN/YELLOW indicator could keep score of how the results are going.
  6. Possibly provide an option for the user to choose whether they'd like to save the results???  The results of a test run could be stored in the RestManager database and viewed historically.